Ancient Roman altar found in Leicester Cathedral

(ORDO NEWS) -- British archaeologists have discovered a fragment of an ancient Roman stone altar

Archaeologists have found a lot of semi-precious stones in the drain of an ancient Roman bath

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists at Wardell Armstrong have discovered 30 semi-precious stones in an ancient

We finally know why ancient Roman concrete was so strong

(ORDO NEWS) -- The ancient Romans were masters of construction and engineering, perhaps the most

Ancient Roman plumbing unearthed in Stabiae

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists have been excavating the Roman villa of Ariadne, the remains of

Fragments of ancient Roman plumbing found in Italy

(ORDO NEWS) -- Employees of the archaeological site of Stabiae in southern Italy have discovered

In Britain found a mouthpiece from an ancient Roman musical instrument

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Britain, a mouthpiece from the ancient Roman root was discovered. This

Ancient Roman fish sauce workshops found in Portugal

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the University of Cadiz made an unexpected discovery on the

Paleoparasitologists find eggs of intestinal parasites in ancient Roman chamber pot

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paleoparasitologists examined samples of plaque formed inside an ancient Roman ceramic vessel,