Swedish scientists propose cow mucus lubricant to protect against STDs

(ORDO NEWS) — The spread of sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented with cow mucus lubricant.

A study on the effectiveness of this method was conducted by Swedish scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology.

They decided to find out if mucin, a glycoprotein that has a gel-like consistency secreted by the mucous membranes of a cow, is capable of fighting viruses. For experiments was chosen salivary gland mucin.

Based on it, Khonji Yang, the author of the development, made an intimate lubricant gel, after which he tested its effect on samples of human cells.

It turned out that only 30 percent of the cells pre-treated with the lubricant were affected by HIV after exposure to the virus.

Against the herpes virus, the lubricant was even more effective – in this case, 80 percent of the cells remained healthy.

The scientists emphasized that the risk of side effects from using such a lubricant is small, since the human body also produces mucin.


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