Swedish company offers to try a burger with the taste of human meat

(ORDO NEWS) — Good news for cannibals and those who want to become one! Swedish company Oumph!, which specializes in the production of plant-based artificial meat, decided to recreate the taste of human meat in their burgers. Sound appetizing? Then let’s go to Stockholm!

The creators of the product claim that they have completely reproduced the texture of human meat, using soy, mushrooms, wheat protein, vegetable fats and a special secret ingredient – a mixture of spices that give the dish a special, piquant taste!

Representatives of the company did not stint on advertising, watch the video below.

As you can see from the video, the pseudo-human meat was a publicity stunt by the Swedish company Oumph! during Halloween last year. So the idea behind the concept was not to encourage people to eat other people, but rather to encourage them to try plant-based meat.


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