Sweden found very strange way to deal with coronavirus

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A ton of chicken droppings – as a measure to combat coronavirus . The original decision of the authorities of the Swedish city of Lund, where they are looking for ways to stop the mass festivities in the central city park.

Officially, no strict quarantine regime is introduced, but crowds are still afraid. Especially today, when the pagan holiday of spring is celebrated in many countries of Western Europe on the night of May.

In the same Lund, at least 30 thousand people were going to come for a night picnic. Such an accumulation can not do without consequences, so the local environmental committee temporarily decided to move away from the “environmental rules” and evenly distribute the manure in the public territory.

The logic is simple – they say, it’s not very nice to “sit in the park where it stinks of chicken droppings.” In general, they expect that an unpleasant smell will scare away everyone.

At the same time, no one guarantees that specific flavors will not spread throughout the city.

This moment will have to be endured, but, as the local official explained, the result will be twofold: epidemic prevention and fertilizer for lawns. However, with regard to the latter, then in such an event more harm than good.

Yes! Lawns may not stay. Bird droppings become fertilizer after appropriate treatment, and when fresh, more harm is done from it than good.

Most surprisingly, this strange measure to combat the spread of coronavirus arose in the homeland of the odious eco-activist Greta Tunberg. Indeed, in general, the Swedes as a whole always advocate for the preservation of the environment. And here is such an ambiguous decision! It is no secret that urea contained in fresh litter can burn plants, leaving behind a lifeless desert. And in order to recover, the affected lawn will need at least a whole season.

“It just burns all this leaf blade off the lawn. That is, all this green part. It turns out that sorting out with this organic fertilizer will cause all this green part to die out. It just burns under the influence of a lot of nitrogen,” – Antonina Bolotina, the head of the company “Territory of a landscape” considers.

In general, chicken droppings are a valuable fertilizer. But even in dried and prepared form, it is introduced into the soil in a certain proportion. And, for example, in the oldest Russian botanical garden in St. Petersburg, one kilogram per 200 liters is bred for watering.

In Russia, bird droppings are assigned to the group of substances of hazard class 3-4. In large quantities, he is able to create a lot of problems. The most relevant in the era of the pandemic is bacterial and fungal infection. Excrement contains up to a hundred species of pathogenic microorganisms. They can cause a wide range of diseases – from salmonellosis to bird flu.

This is as regards directly to man. However, do not forget about the negative impact on the environment!

A large amount of litter can poison air, soil and water. For example, in contaminated water bodies, the ecosystem is completely changing. An interesting fact is that when decomposing from one kilogram of litter, about half a cubic meter of gas is released. That is, the atmosphere of the Swedish park will be poisoned by 500 cubic meters of methane, nitrogen dioxide and ammonia. Let’s hope that the initiative will not get widespread in Sweden, otherwise it could offset all the efforts of Greta Tunberg to save the Earth.

“There is ammonia fumes, of course. If even the landscapers work, if we work with live, not rotten manure, even some kind of horse, this is a large amount of fumes. Of course, there should be some protective equipment, respirators and etc. Because it can even make you dizzy from these fumes, it’s very harmful, “explains Antonina Bolotina, head of the Territory of Landscape company.

What to say about a man! After all, even cars pass to the litter. Uric acid and ammonia can corrode the paintwork, and in some cases can even discolor the paint. Substances that make up excrement are most aggressive in hot weather.

Like it or not, the idea with chicken droppings is strange. Moreover, the rejection of self-isolation in Sweden was primarily due to the high level of prudence of its inhabitants. And here it turns out that officials, firstly, do not believe in the consciousness of their citizens, and, secondly, they themselves do not show it.


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