Swarm of earthquakes under the volcano La Cumbre Vieja will megatsunami happen

(ORDO NEWS) — In recent years in the Canary Islands, experts have recorded several large swarms of aftershocks. In 2020 alone, there were four seismic swarms.

The latter ended on December 23-24. A total of 602 shocks occurred at an average depth of 30 kilometers. The strongest earthquake reached 2.3 points.

Could such activity under the La Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma suggest that megatsunami is about to happen? Experts begin to panic, because they understand that as a result of the tsunami, a huge number of people will die, not only in Europe, but also along the entire eastern coast of North America.

At the same time, scientists believe that the volcano will not collapse soon without warning. This could happen over the next several millennia.

Moreover, the destruction does not necessarily happen during a volcanic eruption, which erupts about once every 200 years. If it does collapse, then its western part will end up in the Atlantic Ocean and provoke the appearance of a huge wave.

This wave will head west, sweeping away everything in its path. At the same time, the wave height can reach 50 meters.


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