Suspicious object of perfectly round shape found in Antarctica

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(ORDO NEWS) — If you open the Google Earth application and enter the coordinates 66 ° 16’24.0 “S 100 ° 59’03.3” E, you can see a very suspicious object with a perfectly round shape. All versions of natural education immediately disappeared.

The object was discovered by virtual archaeologist MrMBB333, who has a YouTube channel of the same name. Something definitely does not fit the description “made by nature”, since nature is not capable of creating ideal forms.

Outwardly, something resembles a black disc, so people in the comments immediately began to write about aliens visiting Antarctica. Perhaps, in the distant past, when the mainland was not yet under the ice, the aliens landed and failed to fly away for technical reasons. Now, when the ice sheet is actively melting, the UFO appeared to us.

Users have no other explanation for what they saw, except as a UFO, moreover, a typical format. If you look closely, you can even notice some kind of “hat” on the black disc.

At the moment, the spaceship is covered with boulders and stones. Because of this, unfortunately, it is impossible to fully consider the object and is unlikely to ever succeed. It also makes no sense to wait for the opinion of scientists, since their theories often have nothing to do with reality at all.


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