“Survivors” – stories of those who were abducted by aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — They are called “survivors” – a word that does not describe anything – because their experience is unimaginable: encounters with non-human beings that are sometimes associated with UFOs and sometimes not.

Carey Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, wrote of a night in Mendocino County, California, in 1985, when he encountered a glowing, talking raccoon who greeted him with “Good evening, Doctor” before Mullis woke up the next day. at home without any recollection of the past tense.

Ordinary people recognize this experience. Celebrities too. Rapper Kendrick Lamar told The Howard Stern Show in 2017 that at the age of 6 he saw a UFO flying by and was asked if he thought he was abducted by aliens. “Probably knew,” he said. “Maybe that’s why I’m doing music now.

Who knows? They probably gave me energy.” He previously told JoJo Wright’s radio show, “I’ve seen ghosts before for sure. I also saw a UFO. I will never forget it, and that was my meeting, and to this day I know that there is something more.”

Rapper Lupe Fiasco told a Los Angeles radio station in 2012 about an “out-of-this-world experience” at the age of 11 when he saw a black disc in his window and felt paralyzed, “surrounded by all this electricity.”

Other stars who have reported UFO sightings include Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Tom DeLonge.

Jay Christopher King, a 42-year-old Jersey City artist who co-hosts an online support group of about 200 “survivors,” recalls his childhood fear of seeing a short, greyish creature crouched in front of the family’s basement washing machine. rummaging through dirty laundry.

More recently, he says, he has encountered slender, mantis-like creatures that communicate telepathically in florid English and Latin.

Karyn Austin, a 52-year-old interior designer, construction project manager and small business owner in Colorado, said she was taken out of bed one night in her 20s and found herself among a crowd of other people in pajamas in a forest clearing near an abandoned roller coaster.

There, she says, a tall, thin alien entity introduced a strange little boy to her as her hybrid son.

Incredible, she agrees. But she’s convinced it happened in some unknown dimension of reality, especially after she found a sketch of the same scene she remembers in another person’s book. She had lost hope of being taken seriously. “People just think we’re… nuts.”

Human encounters with aliens, gods, angels, fairies, ghosts, spirit animals, and other beings have been staples of folklore, religion, and myth since time immemorial.

Survivors stories of those who were abducted by aliens 2

Abductions by aliens. Survivors’ stories

Betty and Barney Hill

On the night of September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving home through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when, as they later recounted in hazy memories enhanced by hypnotic regression, they were overtaken by a flying disc and put on board by oversized gray humanoids cat eyes and bulging skulls.

They recalled obsessive pseudo-medical examinations before they were released physically unharmed but deeply traumatized, unable to account for missed hours, stopped wristwatches, their strangely magnetized Chevy, badly worn shoes and torn dress.

Jay Christopher King

When I was about 6 years old, we moved into a house in Indiana that had what people called ghostly apparitions. The movers piled huge boxes of books, my father’s old textbooks and technical manuals.

The next morning we found that they were all staggered. One day I woke up and saw a little boy my age playing with my toys. Later we learned that one day a boy committed suicide in the basement.

Then, in another house, I was 9 or 10 years old, I was lying in bed. I look and see two gray creatures, four and a half feet tall. One to my left was holding a chrome rod about 18 inches long. He began to lift the rod device just as the other began to move towards me. I fainted.

Two weeks later, or a few days later – that’s what you want to forget, not remember – I was walking up the stairs from my bedroom to the kitchen.

There were planks on the stairs so I could see the laundry room. Oddly enough, one of the creatures was in the laundry room, apparently rummaging through the clothes in front of the washing machine.

When I was 20 years old, when I lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, there was sometimes a hum and, strangely enough, the winter air rushed in almost as if part of the wall had disappeared.

When I first saw the praying mantis, I was confused because some grays are tall, but praying mantises are even taller with a different body structure. At first I thought of them as grasshoppers. They have a different form of telepathic content.

The way you get telepathy from gray is more line by line, like when you receive a telegram. Mantis creatures speak much more elegantly. This creature was very interested in science and space. He criticized us using fire and smoke to leave the planet, and he strongly advocated a device that seemed to use plasma.

One evening in 2017, I had the feeling that I was being watched. A bizarre rectangular doorway formed in the wall. It looked like an amber gray screen of pixels. A very large praying mantis entered about halfway into the room, hunched over, about six feet tall, protruding through the portal.

I expressed my opinion. “Why tonight? Are you here physically? He stepped forward, extended a long, thin arm, and bowed his head, looking at me. He touched his thin fingers to the bedroom door and pushed it open. This was his answer.

Karin Austin

I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. When I was about three years old, I was awakened by several creatures; they were very friendly. I tried to call my mom to show her, but I watched them leave through my closed window before she entered my room.

Another time, I was playing outside with a gum machine that my mom’s friend had just given me. Then I suddenly found myself running into the house without a gum maker. We never found him.

Years later, during a hypnosis session, I easily recalled playing outside with a gum machine when a glowing egg-shaped object appeared.

Two gray creatures with large black eyes came out of it and asked me to go with them. They ushered me into a kind of shimmering room with curved walls, clinically white and hazy. I found myself standing in front of a boy who was a little older than me.

There were beings on either side of him. He spoke with a Scottish accent. The creatures asked if I was willing to share my gum machine with him. I agreed.

They flew away and brought me back home. I ran into the house to tell my mom, but I couldn’t immediately remember what I wanted to share with her. Part of my memory has been erased.

At the age of 25, I “woke up” one night to a terrible experience that didn’t quite fit the definition of a dream. I found myself on the edge of a forest clearing, next to about 50 other people, all in different night clothes. I could see the old wooden roller coaster, partly obscured by trees.

There were also a few thin, short beings who presided over the assembly. I watched as one of the creatures approached me. From a distance, she looked as if she could be human, and she had a lower, child-like being with her. When she stopped in front of me, I realized that he did not quite look like a man.

A higher being, apparently some sort of tutor, didn’t look fully human either. In shock, it dawned on me that I was interacting with some kind of hybrid alien/human life form.

The adult caregiver pushed the boy, this hybrid, towards me all the time. I continued to resist, insisting on the mistake. (I had my tubes tied last year after deciding not to have children.) Finally, I realized that she was telling me that this child was mine.

I switched off. The next second, I was sitting upright in bed, severely dehydrated. I rushed to the kitchen and drank a whole gallon of milk. Then I found myself checking my body for traces. I realized that my behavior was strange. My fiancé thought it was a dream, but it seemed real.

The next night we were watching TV and Whitley Streiber’s Communion was on. In the film, two children run down the path to a flying saucer over a lake.

The children suddenly stopped and turned around. I instantly screamed and climbed onto the back of the couch, completely shocked. They looked exactly like the hybrids I had seen in my dream the night before!

Many years after I met John Mack, he wrote the foreword to Jim Sparks’ book Watchmen: An Alien Message for the Human Race. I accidentally saw the illustration that was drawn for this.

It was the same forest I was in in the clearing, with the roller coaster in the background! Jim was clearly present during the same meeting, but was apparently at a different location in the woods.

When Laurel Chiten released the Survivors documentary, a guy from Canada approached Laurel and she put him in touch with me. He grew up in Scotland. He spoke about an incident that happened while playing in the woods as a child.

Two non-human beings took him to a white foggy room with curved walls, where he was introduced to a young girl who agreed to give him a chewing gum machine.

Apparently, later he came out of the forest without remembering how he got it. He told me that he kept it for a long time. Stunned, I asked if he still had it. He said he got rid of her when he moved abroad.

Robin Lassiter

41, medical office manager in Grand Junction, Colorado. I grew up with one older sister in southern Colorado. My parents were hippies and I grew up in a self-contained geodesic dome they built. For about 4 years, I remember standing below the dome.

I don’t know how I got out of the attic bedroom. Before me stood a creature, an insectoid with an exoskeleton. I named him Antman. I felt that he was here to check on me. I didn’t tell anyone. I was so young, I didn’t realize it was unusual, but I never forgot it.

As a child, I had vivid dreams and frequent out-of-body experiences. I had dreams of Armageddon, dreams of war, explosions, destruction and renewal of the earth, the return of civilization.

I found the world very confusing and difficult to live with. I went to college but dropped out. For several years I drank, fought, ran away from myself.

When I was in my early 30s, I sobered up and the anomalous experiences began again – sleep paralysis, waking up with a violent bed shaking, and eventually an out-of-body experience that changed my life when I was surrounded by an overwhelming buzzing vibration and suspended in suspended next to the smart, velvety darkness.

A creature appeared and pulled me towards the gate. I knew this was where we go when we die. I got scared and pulled back into my body. I had a vivid dream of four beings joined together and surrounded by light, saying that they were there for me when I was ready. I called them “Four-Who-Is-One.”

I began to dream of colored balls falling from the sky. They started teaching me things, telling me that I need to prepare for something to help the planet.

I gave away most of my possessions and moved into a yurt in southern Colorado to try and make my life as simple and connected to nature as possible. I continued to have OBEs and visitors, deep dreams, and often saw UFOs in the sky.

After a while, I moved into an adobe house that was haunted. I started drinking heavily. I was depressed and had constant nightmares. I was on my way to self-destruction and broke my ankle one night.

When I fell, I saw four light beings, and they showered me with love, supporting my fall. An ankle thus broken stopped me and I was able to sober up again. I’ve been sober for almost five years now.

After that, the anomalous phenomena mostly stopped until the fall of 2019, right before Covid, when I broke the same ankle again while hiking.

Sleep paralysis has set in again, with messages that I need to get ready for something I need to help the planet. During a hypnotic regression, I was pulled into space and arrived on another planet, standing in front of the Four-Who-Is-One.

I was afraid until one of them stuck his face through the light and I recognized him as Ant-Man. He told me that they were my mentors, that I don’t usually incarnate on Earth, but that I had decided to come and work on a project.

The project is about shifting the Earth into a new paradigm, from evolution through suffering to creativity and joy, to help end the cycle of self-destruction.

They told me that I was in between two major milestones in my life and that I needed to write a book to bridge the gap between them, that I wouldn’t be able to talk about these things until I had written one. This experience deeply shook my reality, but after a lot of resistance, the book is almost ready.

My last experience was in January. I meditated and felt the familiar pull of levitation. I was blown high into space, communicating with the Four. I was back in bed, my body heavy and strange.

The light didn’t turn on. I was in a honeycomb matrix that stretched out in all directions. Four beings stepped out of what was supposed to be my bedroom wall and told me that this matrix is ​​what holds reality, this earth plane.

They told me they showed me a behind-the-scenes look at the mechanics of reality. They said that it is malleable and changes depending on what I focus on and I need to learn how to work with it .

Nadine Lalich

69, retired paralegal in Albuquerque. I grew up in Michigan, south of Detroit. My grandparents were born in Croatia. My father was obsessed with astronomy. He told stories about flights, disappearances. He said “they” would come back and take him off the planet.

My Aunt Pat said there were men in black at her door. I’ve seen several different species work together: small greys, tall whites, praying mantises, men in black. One was short with pointed ears, the figure of an elf.

At about 10 years old, I walked into the living room and my parents and brother collapsed in front of the TV, unconscious. I saw a test sample. Someone outside came into the kitchen with me. We wouldn’t talk about it. We were not that kind of family.

At 16, I went to Metropark with my boyfriend for an afternoon picnic. At dusk we saw this ship overhead. This shocked us. We went to him and lost time. We stopped and fell asleep. After that, he was no longer the same. We later got married and divorced.

In 1991, on a hike in Sedona with my friend Pam, I woke up at 3:00 am to a rustle behind a van. The door opened and I was blinded by the light. She thrust her hand into a long thin hand with three fingers and a thumb.

The next thing I remember, I’m standing in the back of the van, paralyzed, with two small bald kids on the sides.

I felt myself levitating. I walked towards the light. An hour later I was thrown over the roof of a van. Boom! All my things have disappeared from the picnic table. I told Pam that something terrible had happened to me, I had to go home.

I do believe that some of them are physical beings who want to eradicate hatred and violence from the human race. Perhaps they have eliminated it within themselves, or perhaps they developed without such strong emotions. They can show you your mind as a hologram projected into the air.

They showed me a picture of approaching ships, something like a capsule burrowing into the ground. And they showed me an area that looked like it was the desert outside of Las Vegas.

I watched him spin around, burrowing into the ground, and telepathically realized that they had the ability to influence the neurological processes of the entire city if they wanted to.

I no longer feel threatened. I am not one of those who believe that they will take over our planet. They just don’t want us to expand our nuclear material. I do think some species will come to the surface.

I have an innate trust in the infinite source that underlies all manifestation. It is an intelligent, powerful and creative force that seeks to expand into the Universe.

Once you get over the fear, you will understand, wait a minute! I’m still here. If they were going to take my life, it would have already happened. I believe in the power to create. Sometimes I call it “God” or “Power”.


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