Surrounded crocodile fights off five lionesses (VIDEO)

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Employees of the Kruger National Park in South Africa sent another exciting shot, capturing a scene from the wildlife. The video was shot by Vernon Cresswell in the early morning on the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

This time the confrontation happened between the crocodile and the lionesses.

A group of wild cats left a water-goat carcass torn by them on the shore near a watering hole and remained to rest about a hundred meters from the water. These were lions from the so-called Talamati pride.

Soon, hoping for easy prey, a crocodile climbed out of the water, deciding to enjoy fresh meat. At first, the reptile was noticed by lion cubs, who, with curiosity, got closer to examine the beast. The reaction of the cubs was noticed by adult lionesses, and five of them immediately surrounded the stranger.

At first it seemed that they were playing with a crocodile to test its reflexes and speed. They either approached him or retreated, sometimes touching the narrow muzzle with their paw. The toothy predator itself froze, practically not moving, but it was clear that for a long time this dangerous inaction would not continue.

In the end, the crocodile lost his patience and clicked his jaw menacingly, throwing himself at one of the lionesses, trying to protect himself from their attacks. This made the lionesses pounce on the reptile all together, growling menacingly.

It seemed that they were taken by surprise, but their reaction was faster than reptile reflexes outside the usual aquatic environment, and soon the big cats prevailed. The crocodile felt that he had no chance, and hastened back into the water, escaping in it, and finally threw a powerful tail around a wall of spray and doused them over the angry savannah queens.

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