Surface and atmosphere of Io, Jupiter’s volcanic moon

(ORDO NEWS) — The rarefied atmosphere of Io , the volcanic moon of Jupiter, consists mainly of sulfur dioxide and, unlike the atmospheres of other satellites (also extremely rarefied, and only Titan, Saturn ‘s moon , is an exception), does not contain water vapor.

The tidal forces acting on Io during its movement around Jupiter intensely compress and stretch the satellite, which is the cause of undying volcanic activity, delivering sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Part of the material “steals” Jupiter, ionizes it and forms a plasma torus. Io, passing through the torus, turns into a kind of electric reactor, which is a source of powerful radiation.

The specific color of Io is given by silicates (for example, orthopyroxene), sulfur and sulfur dioxide delivered to the surface during volcanic eruptions.

The hot material freezes very quickly, forming stable multi-colored areas. The average temperature on the surface of Io is -143 degrees Celsius.

If a person were on the surface of Io, then the daily radiation exposure would be 36 sieverts (doses of more than five sieverts for most people are fatal).


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