Supply of bitcoins began to come to an end: how does this affect the price

(ORDO NEWS) — The other day, Bitcoin reached an important milestone today the number of issued coins exceeded 19 million. The world is approaching the moment when the very last bitcoin will be released.

This cryptocurrency was originally created with a fixed supply. In total, 21 million bitcoins can be issued into circulation. The first such cryptocurrency was mined in 2009.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether there are actually 19 million bitcoins in circulation. Many of them were lost for various reasons.

In general, the news about overcoming the amount of 19 million did not have a serious impact on the value of the cryptocurrency in itself.

At the time of publication of the news, it is trading at $46,574. But the next event at the network level, which is likely to affect the price, is a halving of the block reward. This will happen in just over two years.

It is noted that the 21 millionth bitcoin will not be mined until around 2140, provided the network sticks to the plan.


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