Superyacht concept unveiled with wind energy conversion technology

(ORDO NEWS) — The design of this superyacht uses 100 years of technology to ensure a sustainable sailing experience.

On Friday, the company unveiled the design of the superyacht, and it will undoubtedly impress with its environmental friendliness, aesthetics and use of advanced technologies.

3deluxe’s ‚Äč‚Äčlatest superyacht concept is a catamaran superyacht powered by a Flettner rotary engine, resulting in an open deck superyacht with an iconic profile that demonstrates the incorporation of sustainable technology into superyacht design, the company’s engineers say.

Flettner rotors were developed over 100 years ago and use rotating vertical tubes to convert wind energy into highly efficient shear force.

The technology is based on an effect known as the Magnus force and has seen a powerful resurgence over the years with new materials that make it more efficient and viable.

While it is currently used predominantly on general purpose boats, more and more companies have begun to significantly improve fuel efficiency on large commercial boats by adding Flettner rotors.

Superyacht concept unveiled with wind energy conversion technology 2

The superyacht also runs silently thanks to electricity generated by solar panels on the roof. However, Flettner rotors remain its primary source of power.

Depending on the wind conditions, the force generated by these systems exceeds that of a similarly sized sail.

The use of this technology leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40 percent.

The yacht even has a back-up power generation system in the form of high-efficiency batteries that can provide the ship with the power it needs for a longer period of time when other systems fail.

Superyacht concept unveiled with wind energy conversion technology 3

In addition to this advanced energy system, the yacht boasts some pretty impressive amenities. Between the hulls and the impressive foredeck is the swimming pool, which includes a lounge with a fireplace and a salt water shallow pool.


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