Supervolcanoes capable of destroying life on Earth accumulate strength

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many threats to all living things on the planet, one of them is volcanoes. There are at least three supervolcanoes that do not take up power.

The first group of dangerous giants is located in Alaska. Cleveland, Carlisle, Herbert, Cagamil, Tana and Uliaga prepare to merge into a time bomb. The caldera reaches 20 kilometers in diameter. According to geophysicist John Power, the atmosphere is heating up under the volcano. An 8-point eruption will ruin America and beyond.

The second on the list is Yellowstone. Statements by volcanologists from the University of Arizona are frightening: the eruption could occur in the next decade. Magma is capable of gushing out in a moment, there is no talk of any millennia. The caldera stretches for 60 kilometers, the surface of the earth has risen by 25 centimeters.

And the third object is a ten-kilometer volcano in the East China Sea. The last time magma erupted from the Kikai caldera was 7.3 thousand years ago. Outward came 500 km 3 of incandescent matter. During the next eruption, even larger volumes are predicted.

Volcanoes can change the climate absolutely on the entire planet, so there is no need to hope that in central Eurasia, for example, it will be calm. Hunger will come due to a significant cold snap.


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