Supernatural or pure coincidence? Family discovers ‘portrait of their son’ in old hotel

(ORDO NEWS) — When Jenny Stevenson and her family checked into a secluded old hotel in Sweden, they weren’t expecting to find a portrait of a girl who looked so much like their youngest son, Barney.

The colored hair was longer in the picture, but otherwise the resemblance was striking.

Instead of panicking, the family decided to take the situation lightly. They even shared the story on social media, adding that there was nothing intimidating about the hotel other than the creaky floors.

This story makes you think about what can happen in old buildings, especially those with a rich history.

Is it worth believing in the supernatural, or is there a logical explanation for such findings? Many people are attracted to mysterious stories and places that vibrate with mysticism.

In addition to this story, Jenny Stevenson also shared some funny moments in the hotel, such as creepy noises at night, like turning pages or shuffling a deck of cards.

Regardless, they still enjoyed their trip and didn’t let little things like that ruin their experience.

In the end, this story makes us think that behind beautiful paintings and beautiful buildings there may be mysteries and mysteries waiting to be revealed.

Perhaps the next trip will lead us to even more amazing discoveries.


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