Supermassive black hole disappears without trace in galaxy A2261-BCG

(ORDO NEWS) — The largest structures in the Universe that are linked by gravity are clusters of galaxies. Such a cluster may include a huge number of galaxies, one of which is located in the center and is considered the brightest.

One of the clusters contains the galaxy A2261-BCG. It is enormous in size, and its diameter is about 10 times that of the Milky Way. In the core of this galaxy, if we take into account its mass, there must be a giant black hole with a mass billions of times the mass of the Sun.

Such a black hole is simply unrealistic not to notice, but the latest research has shown that it has disappeared into some unknown place. Then new riddles appeared.

Scientists have not been able to find in the substance that surrounds the center of the galaxy, nothing that could even hint at the existence of a black hole. Even the most powerful equipment on our planet could not detect traces of the black hole.

Astronauts from the University of Michigan believe that the giant black hole has merged with those that were nearby. But there is no confirmation of this theory yet. It is worth noting that research conducted earlier showed that the last time a black hole in the center of the galaxy was active was about 48 million years ago.


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