Superconductors discovered in meteorites falling to Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Meteorites are not falling space debris, but a source of elements that may not even be found on Earth.

Another large-scale discovery is associated with the discovery of superconducting materials. It is interesting that they are not in the bowels of our planet.

Previously, scientists found proteins, minerals, and other elements in meteorites. Space objects “collect” them from all over the solar system.

Regarding an open superconductor: it has a number of characteristics due to which it has perfect electrical conductivity. The resistance level in the material is practically zero.

The study of meteorites was conducted by experts from the University of California at San Diego using microwave spectroscopy. Experts conducted a series of studies on meteorites discovered in 1911.

Although the objects are significantly different, there was still a common thing in them: in both samples, scientists found lead, indium and tin.

According to experts, superconductors are likely to form in extreme space conditions when exposed to high temperatures and pressure.


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