SUP-boarding is a new direction of water sports that suits everyone

(ORDO NEWS) — SUP (sup boarding or SUP surfing) is one of the water sports that resembles a mixture of regular surfing and rowing. It is believed that for the first time such a variant of activity began to be practiced in Hawaii.

The conditions are very simple: a person must stand on the board and row with an oar, keeping on the surface of the water. You can practice this sport both at sea and on rivers and ponds. It is not surprising that fans of an unusual type of surfing were found among domestic lovers of an active lifestyle.

Who is SUP-boarding for

Anyone can take up an unusual sport. All you need is a special board and a paddle. At the same time, you don’t need to buy SUP right away: it’s easier to go to SUP board rental and rent equipment there for a while.

This way you will save money and will be able to understand how SAP suits you. If this sport seems really interesting, there will always be an opportunity to buy a board and other equipment.

The advantage of an unusual type of surfing is that it suits people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Even children can master the art of using the paddle if they are properly trained. So SUP boarding will be a good option for a family vacation or entertainment with a large company.

Why you should take up SUP surfing

Like other water sports, SUP promotes physical development and hardening of the body. As a result of classes, certain muscle groups are strengthened in a person, coordination and a sense of balance are improved. Also, regular standing rowing workouts allow you to develop concentration.

In just a few years, SUP-boarding has become known in all countries of the world and has gained thousands of fans.

Today, standing rowers gather on the beaches in different parts of the world and organize amateur swims or speed competitions. So you can easily find like-minded people with whom you will have a good time. Other benefits of SUP surfing include:

  • The ability to move on the board in absolutely any body of water
  • Fitness for both single skating and for racing or sharing fun with friends
  • Ease of use and storage of inventory
  • Many positive emotions from being on the water

If rowing while standing is still difficult for you, at first you can kneel on the board. This way you will be able to quickly catch the balance and find the position in which it will be most convenient to control the SUP board. In the future, begin to gradually rise above the board and hold the paddle already straightened to its full height.


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