Sun has been proven to be responsible for strong earthquakes

(ORDO NEWS) — Italian scientists from the University of Basilicata said that the reason for the large earthquakes that shake the Earth from time to time lies in the influence of the Sun. As the publication writes, scientists made such conclusions by analyzing data on the activity of our star.

It is reported that this data was obtained using the SOHO spacecraft. Information on solar flares was compared with the available information on earthquakes, the magnitude of which exceeded 5.6.

The result of the work of the researchers was the conclusion that significant earthquakes in time were clearly correlated with solar activity and the proton emission that occurs in connection with it. According to scientists, this cannot be just a coincidence, since the discovered relationship is too obvious.

The researchers noticed that stronger earthquakes occurred when the number and speeds of incoming solar protons increased. When the Sun’s protons peaked, earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 5.6 would burst over the next 24 hours.

It is noteworthy that the first assumption about the connection of seismic activity with solar activity was expressed in 1853 by the Swiss astronomer R. Wolf. However, there was not enough data to prove this hypothesis all these years.


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