Summer seasons can get unbearably hot for people

(ORDO NEWS) — Global climate change cannot be stopped: in some regions, a cold snap is possible, while in others it is warming, moreover, such that people will not be able to conduct normal life. So, summer can become too hot: people will not even be able to go outside.

The next forecasts were made by the Air Force. The risk group will include people working in the open air or, conversely, in closed, unventilated rooms. The peak of the summer season will not allow working: the body will not be able to cool down on its own, the internal temperature will rise to critical values ​​for life. It is possible that vital organs will fail.

The body is cooled by sweating, but this method does not work when it is too humid outside. Heat stress, as noted by Rebecca Lucas of the University of Birmingham, can first manifest itself in the form of fainting, and then seizures and kidney failure.

To assess the external environment, the WBGT index is used, which takes into account not only temperature, but also air humidity. In the US Army, any exercises are terminated if this index is + 29 ° C or more. Conditions at + 32 ° C are considered extreme.

Experts have conducted research in various locations on the planet. So, for example, on salt marshes, the WBGT index reached + 33 ° С, and at steel plants – + 41.7 ° С. It is difficult to imagine what it is like for factory workers.

Constant work in extreme conditions does not temper, but, on the contrary, slowly destroys. The body becomes dehydrated, cardiovascular problems and kidney stones develop.

Professor Richard Betts from the UK Met Office has found that the number of days in a year with a WBGT + 32 ° C index will increase every year.


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