Subtle symptoms of heart attac

(ORDO NEWS) — Heart attacks are common because of coronary artery disease. With this ailment, the blood vessels are clogged with cholesterol and, as a result, the blood cannot circulate normally. Before the onset of the disease, some symptoms are almost always observed.

Symptoms are both obvious (sharp pain, etc.) and latent. In the second case, the person does not take the problem seriously, which greatly increases the risk of a sad outcome of the situation.

With a heart attack, there is often a slight discomfort in the chest. It can be compared to some pressure and heartburn. The problem can go away as quickly as it appears.

The second symptom is pain throughout the body (in the arms, back, neck, abdomen, etc.). The disease can lead to shortness of breath even after minor physical exertion (climbing stairs, for example). The body is not able to pump blood efficiently, which causes the body’s systems to suffer.

The third problem is vomiting, and the fourth is waking up in a cold sweat. Of course, it is far from the fact that the above are signs of heart problems, but nevertheless, you should regularly make sure of this. This is especially important if your heart has failed you before.


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