Study: Pharaohs were often sick and fat

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(ORDO NEWS) — The art of ancient Egypt usually depicts the pharaohs as very handsome and stately, but most likely this was far from the truth.

The Egyptian diet , consisting mainly of beer, wine, bread and honey, was rich in sugar, which naturally affected the waistlines of the rulers, who led an inactive lifestyle.

Years of research on mummies showed that many pharaohs were unhealthy, overweight and even diabetic.

A very striking example is Hatshepsut, the legendary female pharaoh of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, who lived in the 17th century BC.

Study Pharaohs were often sick and fat 2

In the art of ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut is immortalized as a slender and well-groomed woman, but historians have established that in fact she was fat and balding.


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