Stuck out of stones an ancient elephant bone was found on a beach in England

(ORDO NEWS) — On the beach of the Isle of Wight, England, a huge ancient fossil was discovered. According to preliminary data, it belonged to an elephant.

Brothers Luke and Joe Ferguson found a bone among the stones, which in size reached 1 meter and weighed up to 30 kg. Experts have suggested that it may belong to an elephant or a mammoth that lived several hundred thousand years ago. They will have to wait until the quarantine is over to conduct a detailed study.

The brothers immediately sent the picture to the Dinosaur Island Museum, which is located directly on the Isle of Wight.


Martin Mant stated that it could be the humerus of an elephant or a mammoth and its age is at least 10 thousand years. He added that previously, the remains of elephants were repeatedly found in the gravel. This bone is unique because it is perfectly preserved.

The museum already has in its collection not only bones, but also teeth of several species of ancient elephants. Experts gave the brothers some advice on how to preserve the bone until the time when the pandemic is over and it can be studied.


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