Structures a hundred times taller than Everest found underground

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the United States have discovered deep underground two incomprehensible structures of a huge size.

Each looks almost like a continent, and their height is at least 100 times higher than the highest mountain on our planet. Reported by Nature Geoscience.

The discovered structures are located at a decent depth, which reaches three thousand kilometers. An interesting point is that they consist of a material that is different from what surrounds them. Eduard Garnero emphasized that the experts knew absolutely nothing about the exact origin of these giant structures.

After studying them, scientists will be able to learn much more about how our planet was formed and what layers it consists of.

The structures are very strange in shape and resemble bulbs. With their help, you can get new data on plate tectonics, as well as establish the reasons why regular volcanic eruptions occur.

One find was made directly under the Pacific Ocean. The second structure is located under the Atlantic Ocean and part of Africa. It is worth noting that they are much warmer than other mantle rocks. In addition, the objects differ in their chemical composition. Today, this is all that is known about strange structures.


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