Strong magnetic storms are expected in May: how to maintain health

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Several waves of magnetic storms are expected in May, some of which will prove to be very powerful, experts inform. Almost all people are at risk: many will feel more or less unwell.

The human body is affected by perturbations of the electromagnetic field that occur during the collision of the solar wind with the magnetosphere. As the astrophysicist Aleksey Steklov noted, the human body is riddled with biological currents, and they respond to changes in the magnetic shell of the planet.

The first magnetic storm took place on May 4. Many did not feel her, because her strength was not great. On May 6, an event of not very record power will also take place.

Strong storms are expected on May 23rd and 29th. People can experience jumps in pressure, pain in the heart, mood variability, headaches. The latter can be so strong that ripples will be felt in the temples.

Weather dependence is often the result of an inactive lifestyle. If during magnetic storms it is worth giving up physical exertion, then on the other days, on the contrary, it is worth exercising regularly and walking in the fresh air.


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