String Theory: NASA Rover discovers strange entangled object on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Here’s the best evidence I’ve ever seen of water on Mars: NASA’s Perseverance rover stumbled upon a tangled rope on Mars that looks like tangled fishing line left behind by a frustrated angler. Where there is fishing, there must be water, right?

In fact, this tiny piece of debris most likely came from the Perseverance parachute, or from the descent stage, or even from the hull that worked in tandem to bring the rover safely to the surface of Mars in February 2021.

The first close-up image shows a tangled rope with an onboard front right camera to prevent hazards A. You can see how tiny the rope is in this image below by comparing it to the rover’s wheel and the end of the rover’s robotic arm.

String Theory NASA Rover discovers strange entangled object on Mars 2
The red circle marks the line 12 July (sol 495)

The “tower” of the manipulator touches the rock, from which the drill of the rover probably just took a sample. The turret is like a hand that holds science cameras, mineral and chemical analyzers to study the past habitability of Mars and to select the most scientifically valuable sample to cache for future possible return of samples to Earth.

Very likely. , the Martian wind blew the string close to the rover. And like a tumbleweed, the rope moved forward as it disappeared from the scene just a few days later.

Persistence located several objects left over from the landing, including its own parachute, and an Ingenuity helicopter flew over it and took photos of the shattered rear panel.

Worried about the debris left behind by the rover? Don’t, says our friend and image editor Stuart Atkinson. “A hundred years from now, Martians will greedily collect all this and either exhibit it in museums or turn it into “historical jewels”, as we do with fossils, amber and meteorites.


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