Strange services people are willing to pay for

(ORDO NEWS) — If you have a ton of money, you can buy almost anything – or at least use a service designed to fulfill your wildest desires and needs.

These services can be very strange or unexpectedly useful, but the owners of each of them managed to find their unique niche in the market. And as long as these businesses have clients, they will flourish.

Fake paparazzi

Strange services people are willing to pay for 2
Photographers are taking a picture of a film star

This firm is called Crowds on Demand, and is dedicated to creating the fake hype that usually accompanies the appearance of a star.

The company provides its clients with a meeting of “enthusiastic fans” and “paparazzi” numbering 10-100 people who will “haunt” and praise them to the skies while they pay.

Such spending may seem strange, but for (for example) novice singers who dream of drawing attention to themselves and penetrating the world of show business, they can be quite justified.

In addition, the services of the Crowd on Demand company are often used during the pre-election period by politicians who desperately need to create the appearance of their own popularity among the people.

Hugging service

Strange services people are willing to pay for 3

This service is called “Cuddle Party” and offers a gentle hug without any sexual connotation. Before the start of each party, the organizers warn the participants (usually about 15 people) about the strictest dress code, restrictions on physical contact with other participants and the absolute inadmissibility of drinking alcohol during the party.

The founders of the Cuddle Party company claim that human touch has a powerful healing effect.

Bank robbers

Strange services people are willing to pay for 4

The third service on our list specializes in bank robberies – or rather, robbery prevention in a very peculiar way. Banks hire a security specialist who tries to arrange penetration into the system without warning employees.

Usually a specialist makes a “robbery” by showing up to a bank in a fireman’s suit or some kind of inspector with a cheap fake badge.

Then he tries to extract as much information from the banking system as possible in a limited amount of time, and reports the results to the bank’s management.

Such operations make it possible to identify all the weaknesses of the bank’s security system and improve it.

Funeral mourners

Strange services people are willing to pay for 5

A service called “Rent a Mourner” (“Hire a mourner”) ensures that people attend funeral ceremonies where, to put it mildly, not a large flow of mourners is expected.

For many clients, this is a good way to “save face” in cases where the deceased did not make friends during his lifetime or moved to a new city for himself shortly before his death.


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