Strange seismic activity recorded in the southwest of Iceland

(ORDO NEWS) — In the southwest of Iceland, experts have recorded a series of earthquakes. This suggests that a sufficiently serious earthquake may occur in the near future, which will lead to catastrophic consequences.

The tremors in Iceland are long enough, because the country is located directly on the fault line. Most of them do not exceed the 3-point mark, but experts have recorded several dozen earthquakes with a magnitude of up to 5 points. The maximum push reached 5.7 points. Almost all of them took place on the island of Reykjanes.

Armann Höskuldsson said that at the moment experts are trying to establish what exactly provoked the earthquakes. If the cause is friction between two tectonic plates, then you don’t have to worry. But if a rise in the surface of the earth is detected, then we should expect bad news and prepare for a fairly strong volcanic eruption.

Volcano Mt. Torbjorn attracted the attention of specialists last year, when activity in the region increased markedly. Christine Jonsdottir said that today the activity is very strange, so the risk of a strong earthquake is quite high.


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