Strange prophecy of Nostradamus about Queen Elizabeth II is discussed on the Web

(ORDO NEWS) — Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96. Interpreters of the medieval astrologer Nostradamus believe that he made a startling prediction regarding the death of the British monarch.

In his book The Prophecies, written in 1555, Nostradamus predicted the “sudden death” of a political leader by 2022. This event being described coincides with the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the prediction of Nostradamus, which became popular on the Web, it was mentioned: “The sudden death of the first character will be changed, and another will be planted in his kingdom.”

The fact is that after the death of the monarch, Prince Charles of Wales will take his place.

Prince Charles will be officially proclaimed King Charles III. Many subjects are sure that this is not the best name for the ruler of Great Britain.

Charles I was executed as a traitor to the fatherland, and during the time of Charles II, the plague raged in London and there was a great fire that almost destroyed the city.

Strange prophecy of Nostradamus about Queen Elizabeth II is discussed on the Web 2
Prince Charles and Camilla

Some researchers believe that the 14th quatrain of the 4th century predicts the death of some important person, which will occur in 2022.

The interpreters of the prophecy believe that this prediction is directly related to the death of Elizabeth II and the arrival of Charles III.

It is not known how long Charles III will reign, but in royal circles they are sure that the monarch chose a very unfortunate name.

The British are sure that it brings misfortune to both the king himself and his subjects – history is a witness to this.


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