Strange phenomena are now observed in the night sky over the US


First message (6 hours ago):

A flashing object is visible through a telescope very close to Jupiter

– 10 minutes ago I saw a flashing light directly above Jupiter and to its right (reverse visibility) Jupiter was almost in the center of my field of view with the settings on my telescope ( magnification 500/6 = 83.33 and aperture 114 mm).

It was stationary relative to Jupiter and blinked every 10 seconds (approximately), I saw it at least 7 times, I tried to look at it with the naked eye, but it was not visible, then I focused on this place and again saw it right in the center, I can’t find it anymore, but maybe you can if Jupiter is visible to you right now with a telescope.

I am sure that this was not an ordinary satellite or plane, because they too quickly leave the field of view. It also cannot be a drone, because with such an increase I could actually see it, since it was at least 45 degrees above me, and I live at least 200 m above sea level.

Second message (2 hours ago):

Objects “imitating stars”

– I am standing in the yard right now and see about 15 lights moving in different places across the sky, imitating stars, and flashes of light at the level of stars. I think something strange is happening right now.


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