Strange mental impairment disease discovered in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — A mysterious, incurable disease that impairs mental capacity and causes disruptions in the functioning of the locomotor system has afflicted dozens of young people in eastern Canada. It is reported by the newspaper The Guardian.

The first cases of the disease were discovered two years ago in residents of the eastern province of New Brunswick, the authorities report 48 cases and eight deaths.

However, the sources of the publication claim that the disease is increasingly being detected in young people who have not experienced any health problems before. Alarming symptoms include rapid weight loss, insomnia, hallucinations, muscle atrophy, and impaired thinking.

The interlocutors of the publication claim that the real number of cases can reach up to 150 people.

One of the girls, who was diagnosed with the disease, told the Canadian television channel CBC that at first she just experienced severe pain in her leg, but her condition rapidly deteriorated.

She began to suffer from memory problems, muscle cramps and unexplained weight loss. Due to disturbances in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, the young woman began to bump into pieces of furniture and doorways, lost her bearings in her own house and forgot how to write some letters.

Of particular concern is the fact that doctors recorded at least nine cases when symptoms of the disease appeared in people who were in contact with confirmed patients and did not have a consanguineous relationship with them. For example, the disease was detected in a young nurse who was caring for one of the patients.

The Canadian authorities are inclined to believe that patients suffer not from some mysterious disease, but from well-known diseases that could not be correctly diagnosed. However, relatives of patients and some specialists fear that the disease may be due to environmental problems.


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