Strange food habits of Australians surprised the Italian

(ORDO NEWS) — An Italian who grew up in Australia spoke about the strange eating habits of Australians.

An Australian-raised Italian came to visit an Australian friend for dinner and was blown away by the food. Her story about the strange eating habits of Australians is published by 7 News.

Romani Virgara said that despite her family moving to Australia, her family taught her to Italian traditions and cuisine. The girl noted that food has always occupied a very important place in her life.

“Obviously, in Italian culture, food is everything. It brings the family together, you sit down and enjoy great food, aromas, wine,” Virgara explained.

As the Italian grew up in Australia, she made Australian friends and was once invited to dinner at her home by a friend named Sophie.

Virgara recalls that she was looking forward to the feast and fantasized about delicious dishes and dessert. However, all her dreams were dashed as soon as she sat down at the table with Sophie and her parents.

According to the girl, in her plate she found a piece of boiled beef, boiled carrots and a few peas. Virgara hoped that there would be other dishes, but they never appeared on the table.

Then the Italian decided to try the food, which turned out to be insipid. At the same time, there were no spices, pepper, or other seasonings on the table.

Virgar was no less surprised that for Sophie’s family, eating was not a ritual. The Italian friend ate half a piece of beef, a few peas and left the table.

“I was waiting for my father to start yelling at her because she didn’t finish her meal, left the table and didn’t wash the dishes.

But he didn’t scream. Nobody cared about this, ”the girl complained.

Virgara admitted that now, before dinner with her Australian friends, she has a full meal at home so as not to be hungry.


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