Strange find in Antarctica baffled NASA researchers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Several years ago, NASA recorded something in Antarctica that rises above the earth’s surface. The phenomenon surprised scientists, raising many questions.

The noticed oddity forced NASA to send scientists to the territory to study it. Now more than a thousand researchers are working on the icy desert. They all track climate change, study the landscape and creatures. Note that the temperature in Antarctica drops to -90 ° C.

The picture taken shows that some apparatus seemed to have landed as a result of an accident. Aviation journalist Joe Pappalardo noted that he was thinking about the fall of a ship.

Most interesting in history, the discovery was made near the crash site in 1979 of a New Zealand passenger plane Air New Zealand. The pilots were deceived by an illusion called a blank spot. Perhaps after so much time it will be possible to find the remains of the aircraft, its tail section.

The shadow in the photo suggests that something is not a depression in the ice. It rises above the snow cover. The jagged ice stretches for seven miles. The formed wall is located on the frozen sea of ​​McMurdo Sound.


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