Strange case in the suburbs: a man disappeared without a trace in his own apartment

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In a small town near Moscow, Kashira, a pensioner mysteriously disappeared. His disappearance confused even the police. The video from the surveillance camera clearly shows that the man entered the apartment and did not leave it anymore.

When the pensioner’s son entered the apartment, he did not find anyone there. Communicated with him missing on April 12. Son Ilya said that his father is a believer and that day he attended church.

They talked almost by midnight, and then both went to bed. In the morning, Ilya wrote a message to his father, but he never read it, and everyone else, too. He started calling on his cell phone, but no one picked up the phone. This went on all Monday.

On Tuesday, Ilya Ponkratov arrived from Moscow and, after not reaching his father, opened the apartment with his own key. He found that the telephone, computer and crock-pot were turned on, but the man himself was not in the apartment.

A camera located on the landing kept a record all day, so Ilya immediately watched the recording from her. The video showed that the pensioner went out at night and returned only in the morning. After that, he no longer left the apartment.

Now the disappearance of the man is engaged in police. The version that he could get out through the window is not considered. Most likely, the apartment is located quite high.


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