Strange balls of stone discovered in the Orkney Islands

(ORDO NEWS) — In a tomb in the Orkney Islands, which dates from about 3500 BC, experts have discovered two strange carved balls of stone.

In this area, archaeologists are excavating one of the tombs, which is considered one of the earliest monuments in all of Scotland. It is made in the form of masonry, has a burial chamber, which is divided into several sections. It is reported by Arkeonews.

For all the time, experts managed to find more than 500 carved stone balls. Most of them were found directly in the northeastern part of Scotland.

Some samples were found in England, the Orkney Islands and the territory of Norway. Until today, archaeologists cannot say exactly what purpose these balls had, but they are the best example of Neolithic art.

Some experts believe that the balls may have been created specifically for blunt weapons. Another part suggests that these are rollers for transporting large stones or one of the varieties of weights.

Most of the handles of these stones were wrapped either with ropes or tendons, which made it possible for the owner to throw the product at a fairly large distance.

Other hypotheses speak of the balls as some kind of objects of religious worship. They could also demonstrate a certain status in society.


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