Strange anomaly found in trees near Fukushima

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have been studying changes found in the structure of coniferous trees, as well as other plants that are located in the immediate vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

In 2011, a serious accident occurred at this nuclear power plant, which was caused by a tsunami. As a result, there was a partial flooding of the station itself.

The tsunami was caused by an incredibly strong earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. His strength reached 9.1 points. The environment was covered with a huge amount of radioactive substances. They got on the plants growing nearby. Coniferous trees are no exception.

It is worth noting that ionizing radiation is a certain type of energy that can remove electrons present in molecules and atoms. This happens after contact. The effect is on air, liquids, solid materials.

Experts conducted a study that made it possible to study the state of plants and their future life after the disaster. They noted some strange mutations. Experts examined the whorls – these are the places from which needles grow in different types of coniferous trees.

Thus, they were able to fix a somewhat unusual anomaly. The needles stopped growing evenly, and in some places completely disappeared.

It was noted that the number of mutations corresponds to the amount of radiation, and their rate depends on the dose of dangerous radiation.

The researchers concluded that ionizing radiation can change the structure of coniferous trees. Such anomalies have much in common with those that were recorded near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the disaster happened.


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