Story of an Australian who survived clinical death, and then won the lottery twice in a row

(ORDO NEWS) — Bill Morgan won the lottery twice just months after surviving a coma and near-death experience.

In 1999, a 37-year-old Australian named Bill Morgan, who worked as a truck driver, was involved in a serious accident . He survived, but subsequent treatment led to a severe allergic reaction, which in turn caused cardiac arrest. The man was clinically dead for a full 14 minutes!

He was brought back to life, but after that he fell into a coma. After 12 days, despite the fact that the doctors did not give him any chance of survival, the man miraculously woke up and, more surprisingly, quickly recovered without any complications.

Inspired by a miraculous recovery, Morgan immediately changed jobs, proposed to an old girlfriend (she accepted) and bought a lottery ticket. The latter resulted in the man winning a car for A$17,000 (about A$26,000 today).

Usually people who win cars in the lottery are not shown on TV. But the local channel seized on the story of a successful man and decided to make a report about him.

During filming, journalists asked Morgan to buy a lottery ticket so that they reproduced the moment of winning in the plot. The man scratched the protective coating off the ticket, looked into the camera and said, “I just won $250,000. I am not kidding”

Morgan really won the lottery for the second time – this time a jackpot of 250,000 Australian dollars (today about 375,000 Australian dollars. Incredible luck!


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