Stories of athletes with a scandalous reputation

(ORDO NEWS) — Throughout the history of sports, there have been a lot of high-profile scandals. The most memorable were the stories of three outstanding athletes.

King of the ring and scandals

Probably everyone knows boxer Mike Tyson, because he became famous not only for his sporting achievements, but also for frequent scandals. What is his fight with Evander Holyfield, which took place in 1997. Broadcasts of fights that take place in current tournaments, see Betcity.

In the 2nd round of the fight, the opponents entered the clinch and hit their heads. Tyson received a cut, and he began to writhe in pain. The referee Mike who separated the boxers said that Holyfield hit him with his head intentionally.

But the judge did not respond to the complaint. In the future, Tyson’s rival violated the rules more than once, to which the referee also did not react. But in the end, the enraged Mike bit off part of Holyfield’s right ear, after which he also pushed him in the back.

Despite everything, the fight continued, and for a bite and a push in the back, Tyson was fined 2 points. The opponent once again provoked a head-on collision, and Tyson, in response, bit the offender on the right ear. The fight continued anyway, however, Holyfield did not enter the next round.

And then something strange began to happen. Both the guards and the police tried to stop Tyson, but the boxer beat everyone indiscriminately and tried to get to the enemy. With great difficulty, however, the debauchery was stopped.

After the scandalous fight, Tyson was disqualified and temporarily deprived of his boxing license. In addition, the athlete was fined $3 million.

Chaos in figure skating

Figure skating has always been filled with emotions and scandals. And if this is supplemented with athletes with a complex character, then an explosive mixture comes out. So it happened in the history of the American figure skater Toni Harding.

A lot of interesting stories happened to the girl, but one of them became really scandalous. For several years, Tonya and another figure skater Nancy Kerrigan were the main favorites of all competitions in the United States.

The 1994 Olympics were approaching, and Harding was very afraid of not getting into the national team.

It was then that one of the most high-profile scandals in the world of figure skating happened. The figure skater’s ex-husband and her bodyguard hired a man to break Nancy Kerrigan’s leg. That is how they wanted to achieve her absence from the Olympics.

A well-known attack took place in January 1994, when less than 2 months remained before the start of the Olympic Games. A mercenary attacked Kerrigan during her practice for the U.S. Championships, hitting the skater in the thigh with an expandable baton.

But he could not break Nancy’s leg, but only caused a bruise. As a result, she did not compete in the US Championship, and Tonya Harding won.

During the proceedings, Tonya could be expelled from the national team, but this did not happen and she went to the 1994 Olympics. The figure skater skated poorly in the free program and took only 8th place. And Kerrigan, who managed to recover from her injury, won a silver award.

After the Olympics, the investigation continued and it turned out that Tonya knew about the planned attack on Nancy and was in cahoots. Harding was given 3 years probation, 500 hours of community service and a $160,000 fine.

Also, the figure skater was expelled from the US Figure Skating Association, stripped of the title of national champion and banned for life from participation in tournaments organized by the AFC. This story formed the basis of the film “Tonya against everyone”, filmed in 2017.

Deboshir with the “hand of God”

It is impossible not to mention the famous Diego Armando Maradona, who became famous all over the world not only thanks to his sporting achievements, but also a considerable number of scandalous situations.

The Argentine footballer became the author of one of the most famous goals, which is called the “hand of God”. In the 1/4 final match of the 1986 World Cup between England and Argentina, Maradona scored the winning goal with his hand.

The judges did not notice the violation of the rules, although almost all the British pointed it out. Diego later stated without any hesitation that the ball was scored “partly by the hand of God, and partly by the head of Maradona.” And Argentina will become world champion.

Throughout his life, Maradona was in conflict and committed extravagant acts. Playing for Barcelona, ​​the Argentine was far from his usual level of play. This greatly outraged the fans of the “blue garnet”. Once Diego reacted to the dissatisfaction of the fans and threatened them with his fist.

Later, the football player, upset by the defeat in the cup final from Atlético, attacked the opponent and provoked a mass brawl. For this, Diego received a punishment in the form of a disqualification for 3 months, which had no effect on his game, image and lifestyle.

After the defeat of the Argentina national team in the final of the 1990 World Cup, Diego was so upset that he burst into tears right on the field. Being in a stressful state, the footballer became the hero of the scandal that occurred during the post-match awards.

Maradona refused to shake hands with Brazilian FIFA President Joao Havelange, because he was sure that he was involved in ensuring that the Argentines did not win the World Cup.

In March 1991, cocaine was found in the blood of a scandalous athlete. Maradona assured that the test results were faked by order of the president of the Italian football federation. Allegedly, he thus wanted to take revenge on the football player for the defeat of the Italian team from the Argentinean team at the 1990 World Cup.

For cocaine use, Diego was suspended for 15 months. After that, Maradona began to play as part of Sevilla. But this did not last long.

At one of the matches, the Argentine football player was replaced, which made him very angry. In response, Maradona insulted the coach and staged a rout in the locker room. A few days later, a fight broke out between the player and the coach.

A lot of scandalous stories are connected with the world football star, so he is called a rock star from the world of football.


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