Sting hurts, live long: a new species of poisonous spiders have been found in the US

(ORDO NEWS) — A new species of spider has been discovered in the sunny and warm city of Miami (Florida). The news is both good and bad news. First, insects live for 20 years. Secondly, the sting is very painful. The only good news is that they have not been found anywhere else, which is a joyful event for the rest of the inhabitants of planet Earth.

The new species of spiders looks like tarantulas. They were named Pine Rockland (Ummidiarichmond). They were first discovered by a caretaker at the zoo. The size of an adult male is 1 pound coin. Females are several times larger than males and can live for 20 years. Males become ready to mate only in the seventh year of life.

The poison of these insects is quite painful for humans, many victims say that it feels like “like a bee stung.” Ummidia lives in holes that it tears up itself. At the same time, it attaches a hatch to the entrance.

Pine Rockland spiders may not leave their burrow throughout their lives. The web is woven in a soft sandy substrate. Individuals do not leave home to search for food. Like all spiders, they wait until the prey itself comes to them in a trap.

For several years in a row, these spiders have come across in Miami. Due to their similarity to tarantulas, they were not given much importance. It was the zoo keeper who decided to show interest, but did not find this species in the descriptions.

Later, Dr. Rebeca Godwin of Piedmont College confirmed that it was a previously undescribed species. Many animals have already become extinct, but every day new species of spiders, birds, animals are discovered. Nature is changing, and it is very interesting to watch it.


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