Stephen Hawking was right: new properties of black holes found

(ORDO NEWS) — British physicists were able to prove that black holes have not only a certain temperature, but are also capable of exerting an impressive pressure on the environment.

The suggestion that these objects can emit thermal radiation was put forward by Stephen Hawking in 1974.

Previously, experts were confident that black holes are completely inert and represent the very last stage of the death of any star. Scientists were able to prove that these space objects are incredibly complex. Reported by the University of Sussex.

During the study of the entropy of black holes, Xavier Calmette and Folkert Kuipers suggested that it is quantum gravity that can cause a sufficiently strong pressure in objects. Scientists added that this discovery is very unexpected.

In turn, Hawking’s theory says that black holes are the best examples of objects that demonstrate the interaction of gravity, quantum mechanics, and thermodynamics.

If we consider black holes solely taking into account the theory of relativity, then we can say that in their central part there is a violation of the laws of physics.

It will be possible to look at the origin and development of space objects of this type in a completely different way after the theory of relativity is additionally included in the quantum theory.

Hawking radiation is a type of thermal radiation that appears near the event horizon of a black hole under the influence of relativistic quantum effects.


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