Stephen Hawking on God, Artificial Intelligence and Aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — Stephen Hawking believed that even the current level of development of science is enough to explain the foundations of the Universe, and highly developed aliens and rapidly developing artificial intelligence (AI) pose the greatest danger to humanity.


God, according to Hawking, was and remains a very convenient way to justify mass ignorance.

“Faith is very simple, since proof is not required,” Hawking argued.

He explained that modern science is developing extremely rapidly, and each new discovery proves that “God has no place left in the universe.”

Threat from AI

If we do not take total control over the creation and development of artificial intelligence, then this can become a serious problem for our civilization.

Someone believes that you can simply “cut off the power” and immediately get rid of the threat from machines that are out of control.

However, intelligent machines, rest assured, will take care of such a vulnerability in the first place.

“A man asked a computer: “Is there a God?”

The computer answered him: “Now there is” – and turned off the power, ”Hawking joked about this.

Brothers in mind

Stephen Hawking was one of those scientists who, in all seriousness, are afraid of an alien invasion of Earth.

Stephen Hawking on God Artificial Intelligence and Aliens 2

Hawking supported scientific programs to search for extraterrestrial intelligent life, but he warned that we were completely unprepared to make contact with anyone. He said:

“Our meeting with the aliens is doomed to the same ending as the meeting of the Indians with Columbus.”

According to the physicist, people will be able to find “brothers in mind” in the near future.

“Statistical data and a mathematical approach to the issue allowed me to understand that aliens exist beyond any doubt.

Life is widespread in the universe,” said Hawking.

Stephen Hawking did not rule out that we might encounter aliens who have been devastating planets for resources for thousands of years, and the Earth could become a tasty prey for them.


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