Stellar colossus is slowly devouring our galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers, concerned about the displacement of the galaxies of the Local Group, after much research came to a disappointing conclusion: it turns out that all this time a huge supercluster, being invisible to an observer from the Earth, attracted galaxies to itself at a speed of 50 km / s!

Our home galaxy the Milky Way and its neighbors are in constant motion. According to scientists, the entire Local Group, consisting of 50 galaxies (their number is constantly growing as astronomers discover more and more galaxies) is currently moving in one direction under the influence of the force of some huge invisible object.

However, an international team of researchers has found the culprit: it is the closest supercluster to the Local Group – a huge mass of matter consisting of many hundreds of galaxies.

Surprisingly, no one could notice this incredible hulk until now, since gas and dust clouds, as well as the light of the stars of our own galaxy, interfere with the review.

Earlier studies of the motion of the Local Group allowed scientists to predict that something lurks outside the Milky Way.

The study of galaxies in the constellation Sails, through which the plane of our galaxy passes, has also led to the conclusion that an increased galactic density is observed in this region.

Using the 10m South African Large Telescope and the 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Spring, scientists have measured the redshift of 4,500 galaxies in the constellation Parus, on either side of the edges of the Milky Way, and confirmed in the monthly publications of the Royal Astronomical Society, UK that an increased density of galaxies in the region still exists at a distance of 800 million light years.

This discovery means that the vicinity of our galaxy is a kind of “home” for another huge stellar structure, which is located a little further than the Shapley supercluster, which previously claimed the role of a “gravitational tractor”.

Thanks to gravitational attraction, the galaxies of the constellation Sail move towards it at a speed of 50 km / s, which is huge for a person.

But there is no reason for alarm: this path will take as much as 5 trillion years, and by then humanity will no longer care.


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