Staying at home linked to depression

(ORDO NEWS) — Homebodies were the most depressed people.

Scientists from the UK have said that there is a link between prolonged stay at home and severe depression.

This conclusion was made by specialists from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, reports Neuroscience News.

As part of the study, physicians observed 164 patients who had severe depression. At the same time, information about their whereabouts was received from the smartphones of volunteers.

It turned out that the least likely to leave the house were the elderly, as well as patients with the most severe forms of depression. The association between symptoms was twice as strong on weekdays as on weekends.

It was previously reported that hysteria is one of the forms of manifestation of a severe psychological state, an opportunity to throw out accumulated negative emotions and escape from the consequences of severe stress. Psychiatrist, psychotherapist Yevgeny Fomin spoke about how hysteria can be useful.

He stressed that hysteria itself is primarily an adaptation mechanism.


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