Statues of reptilians and fragments of the sky that fell to earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Mysterious statues of reptilians, which the ancients called aliens from heaven – Nomals and mysterious blue “heavenly stones” that “spilled from the sky when Nomals flew in and broke the earth’s sky dome.

In Sierra Leone, the indigenous population has a legend according to which “diamonds – they are the stars that fell from the sky.”

The gnologs who ran the diamond mining heard these legends from the workers and joked, “But if the stars fell, then the sky must have fallen!”

To which they were answered: “Yes, and we know, the sky fell when the Nomals arrived and broke it, and we know where the pieces of the sky fell.”

Blue stones in Sierra Leone are localized only in one area and are not found anywhere else, not only in this country, but also all over the world. They are unique.

As a West African legend tells us:

“The part of the sky in which the Nomal Angels lived turned into stone. It split and the Nomals fell to Earth through this gap in the firmament”

The legend of West Africa says that in ancient times a people of angels lived in heaven. Because of their bad behavior, God expelled them from the divine empire.

To punish the angels, he turned them into humans and sent them to Earth. The Nomoli statues are said to be a reminder of those once divine beings.

The faces of the Nomoli figures have typical characteristics of reptilian humanoids: the statues are made of various types of stone, soft materials, as well as hard granite.

Nomoli figurines are small stone figurines that were found by locals while searching for diamonds in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Their age is estimated at 17,000 years.


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