Startup was going to send human DNA to the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — On October 24, the American company Space Crystals launched a website where its customers, by paying $150,000, will be able to receive the service of transforming their DNA into a crystalline solution.

Then one of the received crystals will return to the buyer, and the second will go to the moon.

Why is this needed? Space Crystals is thus offering its customers Jurassic Park-esque “immortality” and the hope that one day you will be reassembled from your DNA, which is extracted from a strand of the client’s hair.

Each customer whose DNA crystal goes to the moon will receive a commemorative plaque with the geographic coordinates of the lunar time capsule.

Customers can also send one gigabyte of personal data with the lunar mission. “Whether it’s a video from TickTock, a book they wrote, or anything at all,” said representatives of the startup.

The first landing module with crystals should go to the moon in 2023.


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