Sputnik V has no serious side effects

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Journalists of the Turkish news agency visited medical institutions in Moscow, where vaccinations against covid-19 are carried out. They talked to doctors and patients who have already been vaccinated. The main question that interested the Turks: weren’t the Russian authorities rushed with the mass vaccination? The head physician of one of the capital’s hospitals gave an exhaustive answer.

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The Anadolu film crew got acquainted with the process of mass vaccination against a new type of coronavirus (covid-19), which began in Russia.

The first case of coronavirus in the country was detected on January 31, 2020, and the first death was recorded on March 19. Vaccination of citizens with the candidate Sputnik V (GamKovidVak) vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Center began last week in 70 clinics in Moscow.

The Anadolu team also watched the vaccination process for Russian citizens and captured the procedure in the city polyclinic No. 68 in Moscow.

Applicants for vaccination first undergo a medical examination in a special department of the polyclinic.

After all the necessary examinations, citizens fill out a form stating that they participate in the mass vaccination voluntarily, and receive the vaccine.

After vaccination, citizens remain in the rest room for about 30 minutes, then their health is checked again, and if they feel well, they can leave the clinic.

“The second dose of the vaccine is given after 21 days”

Natalya Kuzenkova, the chief physician of the 68th Moscow city polyclinic, told reporters about the large-scale vaccination process.

The head physician recalled that the mass vaccination of Russian citizens began last week. At the first stage, the vaccine is received by workers of medical and educational institutions, city social services – both public and private, aged 18 to 60 years.

Noting that those wishing to be vaccinated are registered on the website of the Moscow City Hall, Kuzenkova continued: “A citizen who wants to be vaccinated against covid-19 should not have had any other vaccinations in the last month. Vaccination is contraindicated in persons with serious illnesses, those who use medications that affect the immune system, as well as citizens with a high fever. In addition, those wishing to be vaccinated should not be carriers of infectious diseases.”

The head physician said that vaccination consists of two stages, and the second dose of the drug is administered 21 days after the first dose.

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According to her, the vaccine is stored in refrigerators at a very low temperature, vaccination is carried out on a voluntary basis and about 60 people are vaccinated daily in the clinic.

The Sputnik V candidate vaccine has no serious side effects, Kuzenkova said. “The covid-19 vaccine, like the flu shot, can have side effects such as pain and swelling at the injection site, fever and weakness in the body,” the doctor said.

Paying attention to the importance of mass vaccination, Natalya Kuzenkova noted: “Our expectations and goal are, first of all, to protect the population, to form immunity to the virus in society.”

The head physician also said that the post-registration third phase of clinical trials of the candidate vaccine “Sputnik V” has not yet been completed; more than 20 thousand citizens have been vaccinated within this phase.

Answering the question of whether the Russian authorities were in a hurry to make a decision on mass vaccination, Kuzenkova stated that a sufficient number of people had taken part in the clinical trials of the candidate Sputnik V vaccine.

“The side effects of the vaccine cannot be more dangerous than the virus”

Irina Ushatkina, who was vaccinated against coronavirus, told Anadolu that she was feeling well. “I recommend everyone to be vaccinated. I trust the vaccine. Otherwise I would not have been vaccinated,” she added.

And Natalya Piskareva told that she works in a children’s hospital and therefore decided to get vaccinated. Piskareva emphasized that she trusts the vaccine, and noted: “The side effects of the vaccine cannot be more dangerous than the coronavirus.”


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