Spiritualism: Aliens from the Underworld

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(ORDO NEWS) — Participants in spiritualistic seances often do not think about what causes otherworldly forces unknown and beyond the control of people, which can behave in the most unpredictable way. As a result, serious illnesses, sometimes even death, are the payment for such entertainment. And this despite the fact that the value of the information received “from there” is negligible.

Don’t let the demons in!

At present, most esotericists are inclined to think that the call of mediums is not the souls of the dead, but elementals – lower, or primitive, astral entities that only pretend to be the souls of the dead. They know the same thing as the participants in the sessions, no more. The energy to demonstrate their abilities is drawn mainly from the medium, and sometimes from the rest of those present. Therefore, after such a pastime, people often experience weakness, nausea, and headache.

It happens that a spirit enters into one of those who caused it and remains there, causing serious damage to health. However, the elemental may not immediately find a “refuge”. He stays in the house, and only then, after, perhaps, many years, he settles into someone who was not even at that unfortunate session. And it happens unnoticed by a person. Only after some time does he himself or one of his acquaintances notice that something strange is happening to him. It should also be borne in mind that if the channel that the spirit used remains open, then other demonic entities can enter the same person through it.

Exorcists have mastered the methods of expelling spirits from people. But sometimes even experienced exorcists fail to expel the otherworldly “tenant” from a person. This happens because he is strong enough.

At spiritualistic seances, we most often deal with weak entities, which are capable only of obscure answers with the help of saucers or pendulums. However, some experienced mediums can summon stronger spirits that give voices, or even incarnate in visible images.

The most dangerous method of interacting with the spirit is forcing it to temporarily take over into someone present. Then communication takes place through this person. Then the medium must remove the otherworldly essence from the person and force him to leave. However, if the spirit is strong, then it may not come out, and during the session, perform some unexpected act.

How did the killer feel?

In 1952, in London, participants in a seance wanted to communicate with the spirit of a recently executed serial killer. They wondered how he felt killing people. The famous medium Jacob Higgins forced the spirit to enter into one of the participants of the session, which was immersed in a trance, and to respond through him. The man’s voice changed, became rough and shrill. He glanced at those present with a malicious glance and grinned wryly. And when he was asked what words they said before the death of his victim, he suddenly attacked a woman sitting next to her and began to choke her, repeating: “That’s what they said, that’s what, that’s what!” She piteously screamed and begged for help. Only with considerable difficulty did they manage to calm down the possessed one and force the spirit to leave.

Astronomers caught radio broadcasts of aliens in the FM range for 17 hours

The tragedy was played out at a seance in California in the 19th century. As the local legend says (and many do not doubt that this is true), a group of gold miners invited one very strong medium to summon the spirit of their comrade, who died without telling where he hid the gold nugget. First, they communicated with the deceased using a board, saucer and pendulum.

Not having achieved a clear answer, they decided, at the suggestion of the medium, to try to talk to the spirit through one of the participants in the session. The man was put into a trance and after a while he spoke in a voice very similar to the voice of the deceased. It was said that even the expression on the face of the miner became similar.

Suddenly he shouted: “Bastards! You killed me then, in the canyon! ” (later it turned out that this is how it actually happened), – drew a pistol from his jacket pocket and opened fire on those in the room. One of the shots was severely wounded by the medium, which made him unable to intervene in the situation. Some of the participants in the session also took out a weapon and drove a bullet into the possessed one.
Thus, in the shootout, together with the medium and the person in whom the spirit possessed, a good half of those present went to the other world.

Subject Zyuchting

An even more surprising and no less tragic episode is described in the memoirs of Petition Kaufman, published in Vienna in 1958. In the winter of 1943, in one of the ancient castles in the Tyrolean Alps, almost every evening, seances were held. They were conducted by a Spanish medium by the name of Carrera. When he got tired of communicating with the spirits by rotating the board, the Spaniard suggested talking to them through one of those present. They chose Mr. Zyuchting, a 55-year-old retired officer. First Carrera instilled in him the spirit of Charlemagne, then the spirit of Bismarck. Introduced into a trance, Zyuchting answered questions in a hoarse, changed voice.

At the end of the evening, the hostess, Baroness von Tietz, remembered the deceased son of the former owner of the castle. It was known that the young man shot himself because of passionate unrequited love. The ladies, who made up the majority of the participants in the session, revived at the mention of the amorous story and demanded from the medium to call the spirit of the young man.

The age of the first alien civilization with which humans will come into contact has been determined

Carrera replied that he should know his name. The Baroness could not remember this. Then the medium asked to name the date of the death of the young man and the place where the tragedy occurred. The Baroness replied that he shot himself right here, in the hall, on Christmas night, either 1912 or 1913. Carrera said that since the name is unknown, an exact date is required, but in the end he agreed to take 1912, and if it does not work out, repeat it all over again, only with 1913.

Fatal mistake

Zyuchting again fell into a trance. Judging by the fact that his face was filled with pallor, and his fingers began to tremble, the summoned “spirit of the one who died in this room from the bullet” entered the officer.

“The baroness turned to the spirit,” we read further in the book by L. Kaufman. “We know that you made the harsh decision to leave our world because of the unrequited feelings you had for a young lady,” she said. – Is it so?”. Instead of an answer, a growl escaped from Zyuchting’s throat, which even the most skillful imitator of animal voices could hardly reproduce. Then the face of the worthy gentleman twisted and bared his teeth. He licked his lips. Saliva trickled from his lips onto his jacket. Those present froze in horror. Mrs. Nepir, who was sitting next to Zyukhtin, loudly demanded an end to this nightmare.”

Her voice attracted the attention of the one who was put into a trance, or rather that otherworldly entity that entered him. He jumped up and pounced on the woman. She screamed, tried to fight off him, but Zyuchting caught her hand with his mouth and sank his teeth into it. Blood splattered. The men and the Baroness forced him to tear himself away from the unfortunate Lady Nepir with difficulty. Then the officer with a growl began to rush at those present. He moved exclusively on all fours, and very dexterously and quickly. His face was contorted with rage. In the end, Zyuchting attacked the Baroness who turned up to him, knocked her to the floor and grabbed her neck with his teeth. The butler ran in and cut the demoniac’s skull with a heavy candlestick.

In his defense, the medium could only say that calling the spirit of the deceased, not knowing his name, but relying only on the date and place of death, is fraught with the most unexpected consequences. Indeed, it later turned out that on the night of Christmas 1912, the former owner of the castle had killed his furious dog, bitten by a fox while hunting, with a shot in the head in this room. And it had to happen that exactly a year later the owner’s son committed suicide here, also with a shot in the head and from the same pistol!


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