Spirit and Soul of man. What is the difference? What is Consciousness?

(ORDO NEWS) — Yesterday there were questions about body and soul. The body is like a machine. Maybe not a very good example: here is a car, in it the driver is the Spirit. Spirit is a collection of experiences from your previous lives . We often deal with a person, because the Spirit is overgrown with some properties, depending on the environment in which he lives. This affects 90% of the formation of your personality.

So they say: personal growth, personal that, personal that … And the mind is like an on-board computer in a modern car.

We use this mechanism either for consumption and for egoistic separation (this is me, this is you, and everything else is there), or we go to what is called the Soul in order to be like it. I gave an example yesterday that if we are faced with a task, then we always have a choice. The devil sits on one side, and an angel on the other. We always have two options, and we always face a choice. And everyone has such a choice every time !

Purely symbolically, Spirit is formed where the volitional plexus or third eye is. And the Soul, also deeply symbolically, is at the level of the solar plexus. Usually this is the top of the solar plexus, or the heart. But now more and more perfect people are being born, and I have already seen many times when the carotid artery is already involved, and even higher.

Earlier, especially 100 – 300 years ago, it was mainly the solar plexus. Therefore, if we look at some statues, paintings, icons, especially of Asian cultures – Buddhism, Hinduism – then our eyes are always slanted towards them. As it were shown that he always chooses to move towards the Soul, and does not throw himself over desires. This is the symbolism.

Body, Spirit, Soul, Consciousness

It makes no sense to talk about the Soul, because it is a metaphysical quantity. This is part of God. What about God? This is the Absolute. There is no more of him, there is no less of him, he is never older, he is never younger. And a part of this Absolute is the Soul. Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about it. But moving towards it, into the depths of these spaces, which we call other levels of consciousness, we can somehow talk about this and point in this direction.

This is movement towards the Soul. I speak only at the level of reality at which we are now. Therefore, I try to raise these topics less often, because you will rise higher to the levels of reality, and our conversation will acquire a slightly different color.

There is a Soul, and what is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the energy of the Soul. As there is a light bulb, and there is light from a light bulb. Consciousness is “light from a bulb”, and it is also a metaphysical quantity that does not obey any mental concepts. Consciousness is the energy from which everything is composed at this level of reality. You will be aware that you are THIS.

Your Spirit is aware of this. The soul is what he aspires to. Ultimately, this is the main goal, and this entire mechanism (the body with the onboard computer – the mind) must be deployed in this direction. This is what we are talking about in all religions, in all cultures. How to turn around for it! But there are a lot of temptations, in the form of a devil, a devil in religion, which is trying to lead astray. That is, this is a simulator, an examiner, and we are constantly spinning around what prevents us from moving in this direction.


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