Spherical concert hall in London will have the world’s largest LED screen

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(ORDO NEWS) — MSG Sphere London is an ambitious new music and entertainment venue for the UK capital. The building will boast a breathtaking interior with what its organizers call the world‘s largest LED screen and an attractive exterior with a programmable LED system.

The building will be very similar to the same concert hall in Las Vegas. Its maximum height of 90 meters is almost the height of Big Ben. And its diameter should be 120 meters. Around it there will still be small secondary buildings.

The exterior of the Sphere will consist of stainless steel façade panels with integrated programmable LEDs that will be used to display content related to the performances taking place inside and advertising.

And inside, this massive LED screen will be used for the guests of the building. There are no more precise details about what the screen will include. However, it is known that it will be combined with high-end audio systems and haptic devices.

Spherical concert hall in London will have the worlds largest LED screen 2

“The interior of the main hall will include cutting-edge technologies such as the largest, highest resolution LED screen in the world, an adaptive speaker system that delivers crystal-clear sound to every guest, a tactile system that will deliver bass so that the audience can experience it all for yourself, and wireless connectivity that delivers 25 megabits per second to every guest,” says the MSG Sphere London website.

In addition to the main venue, MSG Sphere plans to include a small music/night club, retail space, cafes, restaurants, and attractive public open spaces. These include a town square, a park area, an outdoor playground for children, recreation areas and an outdoor gym.”

The project will receive part of the necessary energy from renewable sources, and its roof will be green. Water use will also be kept to a minimum where possible.


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