Spanish doctors saved a woman whose heart did not beat for six hours

(ORDO NEWS) — Audrey Mash, 34, was strolling through the Catalan Pyrenees in the UK when she suddenly felt a clouded state. The husband quickly called an ambulance, but she was able to arrive only six hours later. It would seem that everything should have ended sadly, but fate decreed otherwise.

Audrey had no pulse and no signs of life. When the doctors arrived, the woman’s body temperature was already 18 degrees. Directly in the clinic itself, the doctors decided to use extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. It was she who helped start the heart muscle.

The doctors were surprised when the patient had no neurological complications. The only thing was that her fingers felt nothing. Low temperature played a decisive role: because of the cold, the brain needed less oxygen even before the heart stopped beating.

To bring a person back to life even half an hour after death is a fantastic task. Audrey Mash is very lucky. History is silent on what caused the loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest. Everything ended well, and this is the most important thing.


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