SpaceX suits: what is remarkable about the new astronaut uniform

(ORDO NEWS) — The people who went to the ISS for the second time aboard the SpaceX spacecraft in 2020 wore very interesting spacesuits that have already been appreciated. What is special about these costumes?

The suits were developed by SpaceX in collaboration with NASA and the astronauts who first flew them aboard the Crew Dragon capsule, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. They are made from modern materials and new technologies that connect them to the systems of the Crew Dragon capsule.

It should be noted that they are not a replacement for the conventional suits that have been used for decades. That is, the suits are similar to those worn by jet fighter pilots. These tailor-made suits are designed to protect a person during launch, including brief vacuums or extreme heat, but not from the hazards of outer space.

The SpaceX suits are fireproof and impact resistant, with built-in communications and climate control. Naturally, the helmet has a radio and microphones, and air and electricity enter the spacesuits via a single cable, which is equipped with the capsule seat.

SpaceX suits what is remarkable about the new astronaut uniform 2

“When designing this suit, the focus was on ease of use. The crew simply connects to the ship when they sit in their seats, and then the suit works autonomously, says SpaceX’s Chris Tripp. “It’s part of the ship.”

With advances in electronics and software in recent years, astronauts and mission control should expect communications to become much more robust and easier.

Another important change came in gloves. They need to be strong, but still allow the fingers to bend so that a person can control the capsule using touch screens.

Do not remove gloves for more accurate input. Thus, the gloves have received a special coating and allow people to avoid mistakes while touching the monitors, which will exclude incorrect information input or false commands.

“It took us almost four years to develop suits that look good and work well,” said SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk. “We wish today’s children would one day want to wear this uniform by deciding to be astronauts.”


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