Spacesuit for NASA’s Artemis lunar program was shown

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA announced that US companies Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace will provide new and improved spacesuits to be used in the Artemis lunar program. We have to admit that the suit from Collins Aerospace looks pretty cool.

The suit shown above and the rendering below appear to be more streamlined than the marshmallow-like space suits of past astronauts .

Dan Burbank, senior technical officer at Collins Aerospace, said during a press conference that his company is aiming for a more “sporty outdoor environment” in developing the new suit. In other words, innovative technology should not only guarantee safety, but also provide conditional comfort.

NASA has also made it clear that spacesuits under development must be suitable for a variety of body types, as a moon landing scheduled for 2025 will be a major milestone in ensuring “diversity in space travel.”

Spacesuit for NASAs Artemis lunar program was shown 2

“When we get to the moon, we will have our first person of color and our first woman with us to wear and use these suits in space,” Vanessa Veech, director of NASA’s Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston, said during a press conference.


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